File Fit commenced development in 2003 and was commercialised originally in paper, folder format. By 2021 the challenge was to develop an easy, digital, filing system for teenagers that incorporated our shared knowledge with current facts from government and other reputable sources. The goal was to help students understand their adult responsibilities and stay organised and in control of their personal administration from Year 10 onwards.

File Fit provides students with our unique 4 step transition guide covering administration processes in the Personal, Work, Living and Learning areas of their lives. The benefits of File Fit were recognised early with ongoing development in consultation with students, parents, educators, welfare/social workers and members of the general public.  

Aside from remaining up to date with changes in general knowledge processes, we also continuously monitor the outcome of the annual Youth Barometer Survey conducted by Monash University in Victoria. This survey involves up to 500 students aged 18-24 with relevant outcomes included in the File Fit Primary Folders Index.

To complement the Education Department’s role in fostering ongoing education and successful employment in young people, the File Fit App enables students to leave School in Yr. 10 or 12 with a solid understanding of their personal administration responsibilities and a digital filing system.  File Fit will help guide them through their early working years and navigate their way to better outcomes in life regardless of circumstance.  

Having instant access to their personal documents on a cloud- based platform, on their mobile phones, may also help to prevent the loss of all important documents in the event of residential mobility, homelessness or a natural disaster.





Our Vision

Through the use of technology our vision at File Fit is to empower students and individuals of all ages to understand and take control of their personal administration in life. This enables them to be both JOB READY & LIFE READY quickly and achieve great outcomes in all aspects of their future lives.